Biology 2017-2018




Finish reading Module 8. Complete the SGQ, OYO, Definitions, Module Summary. Complete Experiment 8.1 OR 8.2, not both. This will count as a lab grade. This will be due Friday. We will have a quiz in class Friday. As usual you may use your notes and notebook. I will hand out Module 8 test in class, it will be take home.


Biology- The study of life. Everything we study will be filtered through our Lord, the Creator of life!

For those of you that may be new to Apologia, here are some helpful abbreviations:
OYO-On your on questions; you will find these throughout the Module, the answers to these questions can be found at the end of each Module.
SGQ-study guide questions; you will find these at the end of each Module. Answers to these questions can be found in the solutions manual.
Chapter summary an be found in appendix B at the back of the book. Answers can be found in the solutions manual.
Definitions are always question 1 of each study guide question.
You will need a tab in your notebook for each of these.

Advanced Biology


This post is for the next two weeks:

May 1-4

Please try to finish all of module 15 this week and turn it in Friday, May 5. Also, read over the lab for fetal pig dissection.We will dissect the fetal pig in class. If you can watch a YouTube video on fetal pig dissection. I would like to start our dissection at 12:45 so we can finish before your Algebra II final.

*****We will have an extra class this Monday, May1 @700 at the Lecky’s home. We will cover the reproductive system and review for the final. This extra class will be very helpful in preparing for the final. If you are unable to attend I encourage you to check with a fellow classmate.

May 5 is the deadline to turn in any missed work.

May 8-12
You are not required to do a lab report for the fetal pig unless you want extra credit. Study for your final this week and please contact me with any questions.

5th Grade Shurley Grammar


This post is for the next two weeks:

May 1-4

Great job on your last composition assignment!! We all learned a lot about churches around the world.
We started lesson 29 in class. We will finish these booklets in class next week. I encouraged the children to bring pictures to add to their booklets.

Assignment for the next two weeks: Memorize jingle 9, and 14. We will recite these at the end of the year program. These jingles can be found on pages 69 and 132 of the teachers book.

May 10-14
Continue to work on jingles. Our last class we will play grammar trivia, and thank the Lord for a year!! If you want to review past, present, future tense verbs, vocabulary words, pronouns and prepositions it will help them during our game..