Advanced Biology


MARCH 27-31
The following is due Friday, March 31: Module 12 SGQ, OYO, CBE, LAB 12.1, Test. The lab for 12.1 is very simple. You should have the following in your lab report:
Experiment 12.1. Name
Histology of a Tonsil
Purpose: To look at diffuse lymphatic tissue and lymph nodules.
Show drawings at 40x, 100x, 400x
Make sure you can label A lymph Node page 391 for your take home test.

Begin reading Midule 13: The Digestive System. Read all the way through the small intestine. Begin answering OYO and SGQ 1-15. As usual there will be a quiz. Don’t any one panic. It’s open notes.

Call or text if you need me.

5th Grade Shurley Grammar


MARCH 27-31

Complete Chapter 24 this week. We did not get to either vocabulary words. Please complete these at home. This is the last week for vocabulary words! This chapter has several practice writing lessons on page 76 of the student workbook. If you feel your child needs this extra practice you may chose to do them. However, you may skip these exercises if you would like. On Chapter 24 test, only complete exercises 1-4.

Composition: Write a pretend business letter. See writing assignment box # 2 on page 410. You can chose any of the four types of letters. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.