7th-8th Grade Literature: This Was John Calvin


HOW I enjoyed seeing each of you who were at the feast Friday, all dressed up in your festive costumes!! Well done to each of you who dressed up and worked hard on foods, presentations and booths!

Please continue reading our current bio of John Calvin. You also need to review our class notes and bring those notes with you for a possible pop quiz in class. You will be able to use your own notes and book, but you may not share with anyone else, due to testing security. So, bring your book and your notes to class, along with additional paper and writing utensils to take some more notes this week. :-) Have a blessed week!!
Mrs. Rockie

Week Two: This Was John Calvin


Complete reading Part I and begin reading Part II of this book. Review your notes from our last class meeting, and BRING these notes with you to class this week. We will take more notes, which you’ll want to put with the ones from our last class meeting. Keep your notes diligently so that you can be properly prepared for any pop quiz which might arise from them by next week. (Not this week, due to preparations for our banquet! :D ) If you have to miss our class lecture, please get notes from a responsible friend in class. You will need these for our upcoming exam on this book.

THIS WAS JOHN CALVIN Assignment for Week One: Due Friday, March 10


We begin our study of THIS WAS JOHN CALVIN this week!! I hope you will soon be just as thrilled about this event as I am! I feel that you will enjoy reading this book very much for a variety of reasons which will be discussed at our class meeting. For this week, please read the preface and Part I: “God So Led Me.”

Have a very blessed week, and enjoy!
Mrs. Rockie

7th & 8th Literature Assignment for week of Feb. 20th


Continue reading Henry V. Remember that we only have two weeks left on this play. Therefore, take whatever you have yet to read of Henry V and divide it by two. Try to read at least the first half of what you have left to read this week, leaving only the last portion of your reading to be tackled next week. Additionally, if you have not already purchased our next book, This Was John Calvin, please do so at this time so that you will have time for it to arrive prior to the beginning of our study in a couple of weeks. Have a very blessed week! Happy President’s Day!! :D
Mrs. Rockie

7th & 8th Literature Assignment for February 10th:


Please complete the last assignment’s work on Henry V prior to working on this. AFTER you’ve completed the other Henry V assignment, you will need to read at least through Act I. You may begin Act II; however, we will probably only complete Act I in this week’s class meeting.
Have a blessed week,
Mrs. Rockie

For Friday, Feb. 3rd in 7th & 8th Grade Literature


Complete any readings in Canterbury which you have not completed from the last posted assignment’s list of the tales which will be covered.

Additionally, to help as we transition into our next reading during the next week, once you’ve completed the Canterbury Tales’ readings, you may read ahead. Here are the first readings we’ll cover in HENRY V, which is our next play:
pp. v-vi: The Introduction
xxxiii-xxxv: Hal to Henry (From Prince of Wales to King of
xxxvii-xLi: Shakespeare’s Verse, Source, Date and Text,
and People in the Play.

Literature 7th & 8th Grades: Assignments to complete The Canterbury Tales


NOTE TO PARENTS: You may wish to be certain you have the correct version of our book, per the book list distributed prior to our school year. If needed at this point, I’m sure you can simply duplicate a copy of the tales you are still needing to read. Since this was written in Middle-English, I can’t be held responsible for not warning parents of parts of tales in other translations which may include less than appropriate language, etc.
However, allow me to give the following warnings of items which might be possibly considered inappropriate: In the Puffin Classics edition, on page 37 of The Reeve’s Tale there is one questionable word about 1/3 of the page from the bottom. This is at the very end of the story, if you are reading from a different translation. On page 49 of The Scholar’s Tale: The middle paragraph ends with a crude mention regarding treasure. That’s the last page of this tale in my translation, and that paragraph can be omitted (as parentally desired) without harming the comprehension of the reading of the tale.
To complete our study of The Canterbury Tales, in addition to notes to be given in our class meetings, students should read the following: The Reeve’s Tale: A Racket at the Mill; The Scholar’s Tale: The Test of a Good Wife; The Pardoner’s Tale: Death’s Murderers; and Sir Topas: A Gem of a Poem. Also, please be certain to bring your copy of this book to class in order to see where we are in your own copy when I point out certain elements of tales we are not reading in their complete form. By assigning these today, this will hopefully give plenty of time for each of you to complete these readings before our class next week. At that time, we will be completing our study of this work.

Literature 7th & 8th Grade: Completion of your assignment for this week


Please read the tale which we covered some in class last week to be certain that you have actually READ the tale. This is: The Franklin’s Tale, Love on the Rocks.

7th & 8th Grade Literature Assignment for Week of January 16, 2017


Refer to last week’s assignment and re-read that prior to beginning this week’s reading. I will post the rest of this week’s assignment tomorrow, after you have had time to consider last week’s reading in the context of our discussion of “catharsis” on Friday and the “moral of each story.” :D Check this page for the rest of this week’s assignments by tomorrow morning. Have a great day!
Mrs. Rockie

Public Speaking Homework for Week Beginning January 16, 2017


I may assign written work later in the week. If so, I will email the assignment to you. For now, simply read and absorb pp. 74 – 81 of your text. Have a blessed week!