This week: finish the whales chapter and watch Free Willy for fun.

Because the syllabus is listed on this page, I will not be continuing to post assignments each week.  If there are revisions, I will send an email.  I sent one this week, so please check to be sure you received it.

Swimming Creatures


Your child should have the Test for Chapter 1 in his/her notebook.  I recommend taking it before starting the next chapter.  But it’s up to you.  You may also decide if you would like it to be open book or not.  I didn’t realize we had so many with learning disabilities and/or difficulty spelling.  I will try to make the future tests include more multiple choice, or at least have a word bank.  Don’t stress if this one seems too hard for your child.  Please turn in the tests on Friday.  This will keep us moving along at a good pace.

Also, begin reading Whales (p. 19-27).  The memory verse is a little longer, but you have 3 weeks to work on it.

Some seem to be having a hard time keeping up with their game cards (the little blue cards in the ziplock bag).  It may work better to designate a pencil pouch for the cards only.  Perhaps the kind that can be secured in a 3-ring binder. We will be adding to the cards after each chapter.  At the end of this semester, they will make a game which will use all their cards.  So, it is important to keep up with the cards each week.

Swimming Creatures


We had a great class on Friday.  The kids were very well behaved, quite cooperative, and ready to learn.  Encourage them on!  This week’s assignment is listed in the syllabus, which you have in your book, or the link to an online syllabus is listed prior to this post.  Just to make sure we are all on the same week, you should finish reading the first chapter this week.  On Friday, I will review this chapter and send home the test from Lesson 1.  I recommend trying to do the test without the book, but if you see it is too challenging, feel free to make it open book.  I will let you make that decision at home each week.

To organize your Science notebook, I suggest using dividers with these labels:  Lesson Notes, Tests, Special Presentation.

We have plenty of shoeboxes!  So, even if you did not bring one this past Friday, you do not need to bring one.  Some people brought extras, and I was finally able to find some at Ross (just in case you ever need to know which store gives away their shoeboxes).

Swimming Creatures