Advanced Biology due September 23


This week at home: Take Module 2 Test. Remember this is not open book nor open notes. Make sure you turn your notebooks in this Friday morning for me to do a notebook check and grade your test.

Read pages 61-85, answer all OYO questions. Your quiz will cover the structure and functions of the skin.

In class this Friday we will do Experiment 3.1, please make sure you read over this experiment before our class time. We will discuss the structures and functions of the Integumentary System. We will take the quiz in class.

Also, I would recommend looking over those worksheets I handed to you in class (the labeling ones). Do be sure to study for the quiz. Sorry to give you a quiz and a test on the same week, but we do need to take some of the quizzes so as to stay sharp.

As for your term paper, I would recommend thinking over a topic. You may choose any system or component in the body that allows it to maintain homeostasis (so you could do one particular immune cell, or the entire nervous system… it’s up to you).

Have a great week!

Homework due September 16


Your assignment will be pretty much the same as the other class. (Sorry for posting late. Crazy day!) Finish reading module 2. Do the study guide and finish the OYO. I will make sure you did them in class, and I would prefer them to be turned in. We will finish discussing module 2 in class as well as performing another experiment. I will give out a take home test on module 2, so make sure you’ve done a good job on your study guides!

Advanced Biology Assignments due September 9


September 5-9

You should take Module test 1 at home this week. This test is not open book. I would suggest looking carefully over your study guide as much as you can before taking this test. It will be a lot like the quiz you took, just longer.
Read pages 36-59, answer all OYO questions for these pages.

Because we are doing the term paper, we will NOT have a quiz this Friday. As a general rule, we will do a quiz every other week. This should give you room to spend most of the week studying for the test. The other class will be performing an experiment, and if they leave the supplies behind, we will perform it as well. The experiment is 2.1.

Good luck. Have a great week.

Advanced Biology Week 2


Edition 2 (white Book):
Read pages 27-31, answer all the OYO questions, complete the study guide questions, study for your test. On the coloring book pages: pg. 8 label the organelles of the cell, pg. 9 label the changes of each phase of mitosis.

In class we will take a weekly quiz over the reading. I will also take up the OYO questions from this week and I will check to be sure you did the study guide for the test (it is at the end of the chapter). The quiz will be open book this week, so doing the study guide should be a BIG help for you guys. Also, you will be receiving the test that covers the whole module, but it will be take home. Finally, please do think over the term paper possibility I brought up in class. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. (Also, if any of you do not have the coloring book, you do not *have* to do that part the assignment, but you would be really well off if you drew out those images yourself and then labeled them).