Due 1/19/18:

  • Label assignment “Lesson 2”.  Complete multiple choice and short answer questions.  Omit discussion questions this week.
  • Continue reading “Penny Candy” book remembering 2 page essay and completion of reading through p. 106 is due 2/16/18
  • Expect revised syllabus soon via email
  • First quiz will cover first 3 lessons and Book 1 of “Wealth of Nations”



Due 1/12/18:  Label the assignment “Lesson 1” and complete the multiple choice and short answer sections (not the discussion questions) in your notebook.  Read E. Butler’s “The Condensed Wealth of Nations” introduction and Book 1.  Answer the 4 corresponding questions provided in class and file in your notebook.  Make plans to obtain the book “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy” and begin reading through p. 106.  A two page typed summary is due February 16.  It would be of benefit to read over the questions for Lesson 2 prior to class.



There is no advanced preparation for class on the first Friday.  Please bring your book to class (one per family is fine).  You will need a separate notebook or notebook tab for the class.  We will have a few additional readings to support the text chosen.  Our first additional reading is “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy” by Richard Maybury.  I know of two copies (Garretts, Cramptons), and my copy is arriving shortly (the delivery date has been delayed).  I believe the Moellers are ordering as well.  You may pass the books among students as you will not need it as a text to study.  Just check with the book owners and work out a timetable.  I’ve checked Goodwill (mid December), Lee County Library and Pontotoc County Library and no copies were available.  There are several editions.  Copies printed around the year 2000 or later are acceptable.   A two page summary is due on the book by February 16.  More about this in class.  I will post assignments here, so please check each weekend.  I look forward to our Economics class!

7th-8th literature


We had a good first meeting of class on Friday. I told the students that the questions were in order of the reading. This is generally the case; however, this week, question #2 is found before question #1’s answer. Please encourage your student to do the vocabulary before the reading. It would be a good idea to review past vocabulary each week as well. The words are in our readings and it helps to be familiar with the definitions as we read. Also, please encourage your student not to get behind in the reading. It makes it difficult to catch up. There are audio recordings available (see the Facebook post about this). I also told the students that they would get bonus points for writing the paragraph summaries in cursive. It is optional, but an incentive nonetheless.

Literature 7th-8th


We begin reading Robinson Crusoe this week. If your copy is different from mine as I listed on the syllabus, please read through the section where Crusoe shipwrecks on the island and retrieves items from the boat before it sinks. (My page is #50).

Readings for the week of 10/21


Heads up, Parents.  You may want to supervise the readings of King Arthur this week.  There are some themes that are more mature.

We have a quiz in class on Friday.  Each student received a review sheet last week.  They have done a great job with their readings thus far!

September 23, 2016


The students should have completed reading Rolf and the Viking Bow and be prepared for a quiz.  Questions will come from the review page, study guides, and class discussions.   3/4 lit has 15 questions at 2 points each.  5/6 has 30 questions worth 1 point each.  There are bonus questions.  Please have students bring their binders tomorrow and place them in the orange crate labeled “3/4, 5/6 Lit” immediately AFTER their lit class.  It is my plan to use my lunch break time to compile the score for the book.  I can hopefully check the quiz and the study guides during that time and have them ready to return by 1:00.  Please have students to PICK UP their binders before they leave for the week.  It will be important as the new study guide will be there.  I’m truly enjoying teaching your children and getting to know them.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Due September 23, 2016


A review has been sent home in preparation for the quiz on Rolf and the Viking Bow.  We will have a quiz in class on 9/23/16.  The book work should be completed prior to class:  Reading book (or participating in oral/audio reading) 50 points, Completion of study guide 20 points, Quiz 30 points.  I will have the study guide for our next book, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, ready for distribution next week.