Welcome to Excelsior Classical Christian Community

Classical education has been the primary method of passing along knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for millennia. Students today no longer know how to think, Dorothy Sayers lamented in her essay, “The Lost Tools of Learning.” Thus, students studying the medieval trivium are equipped with these tools, with rigorous studies of difficult subjects. The study of classical Latin and ancient Greek, as well as the reading of great books from a Biblical perspective is the core of the classical Christian method.

Excelsior Classical Christian Community is a community of like-minded believers educating our children in the classical tradition of our forebears. Begun by several homeschooling families in Tupelo, Mississippi, we opened our doors for tutorials in 2001. We study not only the subjects of the classical “trivium” (grammar, logic & rhetoric), but utilize these methods as well.  This mode of education has served our children well: they have received a well-rounded education from a distinctly Christ-centered perspective, many of our graduates have been named Mississippi Eminent Scholars (ACT of 29 or above), and two have been selected National Merit Finalists.

The subjects of the trivium comprise the core of our curriculum, and the classes are taught using classical methodology.  For first through sixth grades, we offer once-weekly tutorials in Latin, History, Literature, Grammar, Composition, Science, Art and/or Music Appreciation, and Bible.  Logic stage students (seventh and eighth grades) add Logic and pre-Algebra. Rhetoric stage students (high school) add either Formal Rhetoric, Civics, Theology, Apologetics, Constitutional Law, or Greek;  Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, or Physics; and Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II.

Classes are offered cafeteria-style:  take just one or take them all.  Cost is minimal, usually between $65 – $100 per year,  plus the cost of art supplies and instruction, and a science lab fee.  Each family must purchase their own books, and every family is asked to teach two classes or work the equivalent amount of time in another area.  We study history chronologically in a four-year cycle, and all subjects revolve around the people, places and ideas of that historical era.  Join in the “Great Conversation” grounded in Scriptural truths, as we model the education that sparked the Protestant Reformation and the War for Independence.

Please listen to a lecture by Dr. George Grant:

Dumb and Dumber:  The Desperate Need for Classical Christian Education.”